Immortal Souls - John Turner


Put yourself in the shoes of a vampire fighting to save humanity


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Immortal Souls - John Turner is an RPG with a comic book aesthetic where you play John Turner, a young vampire who wants to do good and save people. This will eventually cause problems between him and other members of his species.

The game lets you equip your protagonist with dozens of objects to improve your abilities in duels, which are turn-based and mix the classic, deliberate style of Final Fantasy with a twist similar to Puzzle Quest.

This first part of the adventure (the second part is expected to be released in mid-2011) is composed of 14 chapters where you'll have to destroy dozens of enemies, win loads of trophies, and meet many interesting characters.

Immortal Souls - John Turner is an entertaining game with a spot-on aesthetic that fans of RPG games are sure to enjoy.

This is a demo, not the full game.

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